this is my first story .. guys i am a lazy person .. well i am jazzy . .i mean thats my name .. i live in a hostel .. my room is never clean ..  stuff lying here and there .. kinda funny .. ppl come and watch my room for fun .. i bunk many classes .. mostly i am in my room doing stuff on my comp ... sometimes i am so lazy dat i dont even skip meals .. i know for lazy guys its normal .. but iam kinda sick of this life .. i dont even study much .. there was a time when i was 15th in my whole state and this time on my life in college i am not even getting good grades .. its too bad on  my part. . my parents trusted me but even they know that i am so lazy to do anything.  i wanna leave this thing ..i am just trying to do something to make me move from my bed and do something outside my room .. but i fail all the times.. its like love my room .. very soon i ll graduate and i ll get a nice job but at that time wat ll happen to me makes me feel scared .. well thats wat i hv for now..
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If you continue being lazy and dont get your butt out of your will suffer I tell you...And if ever you continue to feel scared about the future you'll have better to do something right now! Don't be like the person who sends this comments!