I spend time with my bro, even sometimes when I don't feel like it, but feel he needs it. Sometimes, I know he needs it. He doesn't spend much time out of the house, and well, I don't either, but we live in different house holds. I don't mind the loneliness most days, but he, on the other hand, needs somebody to talk to and spend time with sometimes. He gets stuck babysitting a lot, and thats not very fun for him. He needs to be around adults more often. So I spend time with him, but sometimes I feel he takes that for granted, because he's always taking something out on me, and always seems jealous and says I have more than he does. I don't. I don't have friends ,he doesn't either, he has a gf, and I'm single. He says mom supports my stuff and not his, but she doesn't really support my stuff either.
    Our moms not like that. I think my mom only feigns support for me because she wants me to get out of the house and go make friends. She's sick of me coming into the living room and talking up a storm. Sometimes she even goes to lay down in bed because she knows that if she does I will leave her alone. Shes sick of hearing me. But whenever she asks me to do something I do it. I even have been taking her to dentist appointments and eventually a doctors appointment. Nobody will pay for my crap but my dad will pay for hers. So she's lucky. She's lucky that I don't want her to die so I take her to get stuff done. But thats the problem, I feel under appreciated for all the things I do.
    My dad on the other hand barely talks to me, he cooks dinner and ******* about having to cook it. He never thanks me for doing the dishes unless I tell him that I did them. He only thanks me because he's glad he doesn't have to do them. I take care of my mom because he's not around during the times she needs him to be. But when it comes time for me to wanna do something for me, it's 'No way, no can do.' So yes, I feel very unappreciated.
    I'm always there for my friends, giving them a shoulder to cry on, but when it comes my turn for a shoulder, they don't give me one. They don't care about me at all. I've went through so many friends due to this, that I feel like there aren't any people out there worthy of my friendship.
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I have the same problem but the other way around my brother can like do anything everybody likes him but me i allwas stay in the backround since hes my brother hes supposed to help me but he makes fun of me in public and when we go home he appoligieses to me and he all of a sudden becomes innocent. He has this wish that hes going to build a gocart when i say can i help he goes yeah but when it comes to helping he get his friends does it and all i do is bring him water and stupid stuff and when i go he gets mad and says i thught you were going to help me i whant to help not bring you water!!!!!!!!!!!

I always offer people stuff, even when I don't have time. Because I don't know how to not offer things. Then it's like 'crap now i have something else I need to do and don't have time for' LOL but I always manage to get it done.

I think there's an art to being appreciated. Part of it is letting know people that you *want* certain feedback for what you do. Part of it is doing the things you do in a way that don't put you out. And part of it is just self-assertiveness. I'm still working it all, personally.