Her? Really... Omg!

I sure couldn't do a few of the chat sessions at work that I do at home! Last week,I had to look for a new phone and had to have someone else pull up my Yahhoo email account at the front of the store on a big monitor. Saw I had 1 EP email, knew what it MUST have said being from a certain EP member. Associate wanted to know if I wanted to READ e mail THERE! I declined...THANK GOD! Alot of things I keep hidden from people at work and home. Shouldn't, but, sometimes it's hard for me to express ideas about certain experiences. Has been for awhile and especially now.
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I think I understand what you mean!......:-/

That was back in May. We'll talk....

Hehehehe! YEP, we've talked! ;-) BOY, have we talked! *roars in laughter*

We'll talk alot more too. Nothing like our "gab fests" hehehehe oxoxoxoxox

Who was the sender of the email? Could have been, should have been me!

it WAS from you!!!! hahahahaha.their eye would have POPPED to see THAT message!

Well it was either about tickling you or making you cummmmmmmm

ooooo it waaasssss!!!!! hehehehehe ya devil! im .....winking now!

Hmmmmmmmm...........MY turn! *sly look*

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