Sex Fantasy Of You

So this guy Austin I keep having dreams about. He is basically pounding me and I'm screaming in pleasure. It keeps replaying and replaying in my mind and at night. Am I in love or just lust?
I would spend the rest of my life having nights like that with him.
Omg its crazy how he effects my mind. I need a new guy!!
Can't stop having sex fantasies about him. People see me smile and ask what are you smiling about? I'm like oh nothing.....
LonelyGirl322 LonelyGirl322
1 Response Dec 3, 2012

Hey, does this guy respect you or care about you? Sometimes we latch on to something like lust when we think that that's all we deserve or will get, don't we?

Bit of a weird question, but what are your hobbies, or things you love doing?

Can you do me a favour? Can you try and dream about someone doing something extra nice and amazing for you, and tell me how it goes? It's easier than you think, because your dreams answer to you, not the other way around.