Web based Seducer Wanted

There are many that will be surprised at my new

confession, but then again maybe not! Haaa

There are many facets to everyone's lives, I am hoping to

add a new facet to mine. Everyday on here there are quite

a few friends that want intimate conversations with me.

Now, it's my turn. I don't want to have these conversations

with just anyone. I want a web based seducer. They have

to first understand that i AM happily married, and there is

absolutely no chance of us ever hooking up in real life.

Understands there is no room in this so-called relationship

for jealousy. I may or may not share our conversations with

my husband.

These things are what I will be looking for in my search for

this special person. Someone who knows all the things I

like. Someone I that can make my heart skip a beat,

because they are an overwhelming seducer. Someone

that does not hide EP from a significant other. If you are

single or married, makes no difference. Stimulating my

intellect along with my body. I do not wish to be

overwhelmed with "pick me" responses. We need to be

comfortable talking to each other. Someone that can make

make me laugh, but also can be serious. So in conclusion,

Someone charming, funny, intellectually stimulating as well

as other ways. Experienced or knowledgeable about

things that I may be curious about. Sweet but not a

wimp! Have to be over 30, if not, do not even respond.

If you have over 500 friends, do not bother, you can not

be intimate with that many people. Sincerity, honesty,

a true friend. If you feel you need to lie about something,

then don't bother, I despise being lied to.

Wish me luck on my search for the perfect web-based

seducer! Update, my web based seducer has been located, thank everyone for their input!
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9 Responses Dec 4, 2012

This sounds like a great thing. I would like to talk to you about it when you have the time please.

:-) x

Web-based seducer... Now that would look funny on a résumé.
Did you input those keywords in Monster.com?
Glad to hear that your HR department found the perfect candidate! :-)

Oh, I was going by your latest update... Did someone fail their background check?

Time and attention are almost as important as seduction skills and attractiveness for those always come in short supplies while keyboard romeos are a dime a dozen... Okay, maybe a quarter, but you drive a hard bargain...

I like to pretend I am CEO at Rent-a-Stud and that I am always striving to get the best deal for my protégés... *Presents 12-page standard Seduction contract with fine prints littering the bottom of each page*

Look us up under "Personal Services", between "health & well-being" and "pipe cleaners".

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Gosh, are you saying what is in many people's minds?

words of wisdom and well wrote but there are lots of people on here with lots of good stories and need to be listen to and also need friends and Iam a very outgoing person and I will listen to them and will talk to all because that is what kind of guy Iam so I do have lots of friends your friend jerry !!

Happy Hunting!!

Good luck!

good luck. hope you your web seducer

Hi.... It was interesting to read what you have written. Looks like our interests are similar. I don't know if I can be the WEB BASED seducer that you are looking for. But who knows... there can be surprises..... :-)