The Wolf Disguised Like A Sheep

i bet practically everyone who has saw me believe that i'm an innocent child because... i don't look dangerous or too outgoing.

now the interest part, some dudes i know and i bet they thought i was an innocent guy start to saw me as a mature man (and i'm 16 crap) the reason, when our teachers do something unfair i'm the first on defending my whole group... they don't respect me but they don't see me as a coward anymore.

yet it will always be like that, everybody will saw me as an innocent guy and that sucks because people never take you serious... untill they know you well, but that takes time
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18-21, M
1 Response Dec 12, 2012

i m not a disguised wolf... i am half wolf,half sheep

well... so do i, i can be very agrresive when it comes on defending what i think is right