Big Eyes Mean Big Secrets

I've seriously been mistaken for a 12 year old 6 times within 2012 and I will be 18 soon. I have the biggest eyes and they scream innocence. Too bad they lie. I've done so many things I regret now due to wanting to break my innocent image. From sleeping with random people, to trying out harmful things, to just being stupid in general. When people see me they think I'm some good little girl, when in reality, I'm not. I really wish I was. Innocence is some I highly value, because I lost mine at such a young age. is a pity. I wish I had never experienced the things I had experienced and it actually makes me really sad when people tell me I look very innocent. It's like a dream that will never come true and they're constantly taunting me with it.
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They say eyes display soul
Eyes of innocence tell their own story behind the eyes only few can look deep into these eyes
And see what it really tells ! The eyes reflect a certain innocence bot also it's tragedy
It's people who are said displaying a happy face

People tend wear a mask not to reflect inner pain /shame


when I read this... feels like you wrote that story for me.

hahaha i'm happy we connect :D

how old are you now, sweety?

18 ^_^

niceee... I'm more wild at 20's ^^v

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Don't be discouraged by society's opinions about you. Whether people are complimenting, insulting, taunting you, anything, it's important to just be yourself and not let anything keep you down (: