Hey, Are You On to Me Or What?...

Hey, are you on to me or what?   LOL   I've been a librarian and do have the sweet "missionary/teacher" face.  Nobody guesses the adventures I've had in life. 
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4 Responses May 26, 2007

Me too. I would love to read of one experience that others would find racy!

i wanna hear one adventure

I have a hard time writing stuff like this in public. LOL - I could show you easier! ROFL I wish I were really anonymous here - but, there are people who know me here. I need to get another name they don't know.

YEAAAAAAAA you!! and i can say me too, lol. its fun when people think you are so sweet and kind and ur not all the time, hehe. Check out my story that was dedicated to ward, i see he wroye u a note on this one. Its under; I am a submissive, wow the reaction i got from my friends here was hilarious because prior to that i really didnt share too many fun stories. ward actually suggested that i write a few positive ones, incase my friends take their lifes over the other stories i have written, lol. That's why i dedicated the story to .... ward!!