Some People Look At Me and Aut...

Some people look at me and automatically assume I still say "gosh" (which I do say sometimes, as a joke)  and have no idea what the "guy parts" are. When I say something dirty, they look at me with this mixture of surprise and patronization, like they're thinking I'm trying too hard for attention or something. Yes, so I do look a little young for my age. I still don't like being classified as naive.

I. Am. Not. Innocent.

Yeah, I know it's odd that I'm trying to prove I'm badder than people think. It never hurts when people underestimate you, right?

Think about it, though. When people stereotype you, they assume way too much.
That's just plain offensive.
AntOnTheMirror AntOnTheMirror
18-21, F
1 Response May 26, 2007

Gosh... do you look much younger? :) I'm pretty sure all the precocious kids these days know what "guy parts" are anyway. People don't really seem to get it through their skulls that the OUTSIDE of a person does not always match the INSIDE.