This Is Me

They say I am shy and quiet. I am the girl that sits In class calmly and quietly, when I do talk it's for others that ask me for help. Everyone I'm not acquainted with think I'm so "good".

But they do not know all that I've been through. All the stress and pain I sometimes feel. All the emotional baggage I carry around everyday.

They say I'm a beautiful girl,a very intelligent one at that. A friend where anyone can go to for there problems. Someone that will listen.

But they don't know that I am sometimes insecure, and knowing things comes easy to me. They don't know that when I'm there to listen for a friend, I don't get to have someone listen to me .

I am not as innocent, good, girl everyone think I am. I am unique and been through so much in my 16 years of life that you'd never understand.
But I will stay strong through it all.
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4 Responses Oct 31, 2013

Good to hear you will stay strong.

You are the beautiful girl, because you will listen and give so much of yourself, just as I have done so for many more years than you. I have always been shy, at first, something that others take as an opening and a license to say whatever they want and unload as much as they think is safe to do. Nodding and smiling at appropriate times is not helpful for me but it lets them know they are not judged and accepted as the person they are, somewhat understood and appreciated. They find their comfort zone quickly enough and for most they are all filled up with confidence and ready to move on. But there has been the rare occasion when the other is sensitive enough to detect my patience with insight enough to ask how they can be helpful to me as I was for them. Watch for those people as you will find them to be as sensitive as you... and agreeing to be each others listeners when you need it grows the friendship into something that stands the test of time.

This is me

Everyone has insecurities. Even the most accomplished people, people you would expect to be completely satisfied with themselves and their achievements, can feel insecure or even unworthy of the praise they receive. No one is completely happy with themselves. Accept yourself and whatever failings you have. Work on improving the things that are important to you.