Sorry to Shatter the Image... Not, Really!

Sure, I am kind and sweet, to all who come my way. I don't deny it! And it's the true and pure me, for sure. ;-)

BUT.... I am in no way innocent! I do have my dark-side, like everyone else. I can be mean and moody. Also... I have a potty mouth too. And a dirty mind, most times. Heehee! :-)

I am tempted to join many naughty groups here, because they do apply to me, but I don't want to share all of that with ALL of Ep...  for the fear of attracting more perverts than I already do! Not only that, to be honest, I don't think that it's anyone's business anyways. I'll save the TMI moments for my poor pals, Momo and Saratoga! You guys get the hear the "full monty" on things, poor you! =p

Granted, I am not an monster... I don't bully or pick on others. But I wouldn't say that I am squeaky-clean either, when it comes to tempers and dirty things! I just don't care to share the details with everyone. And I see it in poor taste, to advertise all things dirty, in ones profile. Somethings should be kept sacred. Or at least, that's how I personally feel about it. :-)


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1 Response Mar 22, 2009

I know this already! ;-)