seriously. i'm a *****. i'm fake. i say i hate fake people, but i'm the worst. i am so incredibly nice to everyone. and even when i'm not, they think i'm being playful. no. i really am mean. i'm trying to change this. obviously i dont want to be a horrible person, but really. i'm not sorry for the people i've hurt. and i should be.

hopefully i'll someday be able to say overall, i like the human race. but until then...

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Ok, here's the sad thing people. I have figured out I am old already and I really don't care for people. My friends can be counted on one hand and I can't figure out why they still like me. I don't fake laughter or smiles and I don't mince words. If you don't smile at me when I smile at you then I say, "f--- y--". I actually started out liking people and the older I got it became less and less. There's to many games and way to much gossip (knife in the back kind). I especially hate management at jobs or the people who rule over me at jobs. I've quit kissing a$$; which makes it difficult to find jobs. I don't know I just open my mouth and I say exactly what's on my mind - I just can't stop it. But you know what? I don't want to stop it. I was so nice and so sweet once upon a time and I got used and abused, so I say I'm being me and if it works out fine - if it doesn't then I guess I lose.

people use to say I was mean all the time if someone that knew us(my cousin, & friend) and they didn't see me they would ask where is the little mean one. I personally though don't think I'm a real mean person I just hate bs & fakeness if you don't like me I prefer you not say anything to me at all cause if you do & I know truly you don't like me I'll open my mouth and say something. I guess ppl think I'm mean because I'm so outspoken and I'm a smart a$$ but if your a real friend I'm the nicest person ever

We are what we are, we can either progress or regress.

i feel this. this distortion. like this bad person whos faking it, putting on a face.

Wow.. I thought that was really powerful. You obviously wish you were a nice person. I feel the same. I don't think anybody truely knows the extent of my hatred towards "people" in general. Especially women!!! And, being one, it makes life very difficult. I really wish you the best of luck in finding the beautiful loving person that surely lives within you. I guess some people just find that person sooner than others. Good Luck again. =]