What's Up With First Impretions?

most of the people first impretion about me is a know it all serious kind of girl who has no problem in having good grades. and whenever i fool around, telling weird jokes, i would always see their surpised expretions on their faces as if they were all thinking, "what the hell? she just said a joke! is the world comming to an end?"

they also would come to me asking me to teach them stuff i probably dont understand like our math subjects which requires a lot time for me to grasp the conseps since i'm not that smart. anyways, whenever i declined them, they would get all mad at me for being stingy and stuff. what can i do? like them i didnt understand it either! i just have a lot of time to review the damn thing over and over and over again just to make it stuck in my head. i wish they would do the same thing and stop copying my hard work. working hard to get good grades isn't hard to do, unless you got side track all the time like i do and usually i earned a lot of shouting from my mom to get me study again lol.

natsuki004 natsuki004
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1 Response Apr 21, 2010

That's quite a commendable discipline you have. So many people don't have even a fraction of the discipline you have and they pay dearly because of that lack.<br />
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People are for the most part very shallow. They see you making good grades and just figure it comes easy to you. They can't fathom that you actually worked hard at it. I wouldn't worry too much about their opinion of you. You're clearly in a league far above them and they are obviously the lazy type and would never appreciate it anyway. I'm speaking about your personality, not necessarily your academic skills.