Its Just Life

its not really a story...its just my life. i just cant be as strong as everyone needs me to be any more. for so long everyone told me how i could do it, you can make it work....because YOU ARE STRONG!!! when they were having problems or anyone needed a shoulder they turned to me. but here i am grown up with a daughter, a boyfriend who i love and i feel like i'm breaking apart piece by piece and have no one to turn to. i just am not strong anymore...i need my moment to be weak and lean on someone. i need to cry and ***** like i'm a little girl. i just need it all out so i can be that person i'm supposed to be again!!
briebrie briebrie
22-25, F
2 Responses Jun 25, 2007

I think it's about time when you stop focusing on what others expect from you and start taking care of yourself. After all, you can't be efficient in life and help others (your family and friends) if you're an emotional wreck. Put yourself first and start seeking for comfort from whoever can give it to you. Can your boyfriend support you, listen to your worries, just be there? I hope so. If not, there must be someone who can listen to you. How about taking 15 minutes of quiet time for yourself, in the morning and before bed? Just sit there, imagine yourself in your happy place and live it. You'll notice a smile on your face soon. <br />
Don't worry, your bad feelings will be over at some point and the sun will come out again!

Sometimes we all need a vacation.