My Only Outlets- Dance And Dawn.

Everyone I know thinks I'm perfect, that my life is perfect. I'm the type of girl that always has lots of friends surrounding her, that the teachers like, etc. But it's not the real me. I'm seen as the girl who the teacher picks to keep track of something while she goes to the bathroom, the girl who's surrounded by friends in the hall, who's never alone. But it's not me. I feel like I put on a mask every day when I get up. A mask that hides the girl I really am. In reality, I'm not perfect, I'm like everyone else. I have worries. I fight with my sisters. I have problems in my life. But no one sees that. The girl they see is fake. She's like a hologram. I feel like if I take off my mask and people saw the real me, they might not like it as much as they do the girl they think they know.

One of my only outlets for all this frustration is dance. When I dance, I feel like a bird, soaring above the clouds, away from everyone. If you watch me dance, you see the real me. You see my passion, my expression. That's probably how my dance teachers know me so well. When they see me dance, they see who I really am, not the stereotype everyone else sees.

That said, there are a few people who know me extremely well. The first is my best friend, callie. But there's someone else, my BEST best friend, who knows me better than anyone could. She sounds perfect, right? Except for one thing- I only know her through the Internet. We met on another site, and we just clicked immediately. Her name is Dawn, and she knows me so well, and I know her. We can tell if something is bothering the other by the first sentence of the message. When I'm really down, Dawn can always cheer me up. When she's upset about school or being too busy, I do the same for her. I would have a million dollars to know her in real life. She is the best friend I could imagine. I would do anything to meet her.

But I think that's why I like EP. there aren't as many stereotypes, because we can't see each other. We know the real people inside of us, because we talk- we don't judge by looks.
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13-15, F
May 18, 2012