Laying over his lap....

'You will respect me.'


'Yes sir.'

'You will behave with your phone.'
'Yes sir.'


A firm spanking and lecture, then lifting me into his arms and holding me tight.

'I think you need this more than anything right now darling'.

I just held him tighter. I needed to feel his strength.

'Tomorrow night you will get what you need. I love you.'

He knows I need good reminders. He knows I'm overwhelmed and tired. He knows I Need him. He knows I'm sad about a couple of things that have recently happened.

Sometimes I don't want to FEEL so much 😔

But he's there to hold me. He's there to help me.

Praise God for that ❤️

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3 Responses Aug 19, 2014

This is beautiful!! I love that you got just few with a lecture and promise of release tomorrow. That's so sweet of him to think of you and at least give you something to think about. There is nothing better in the world (aside from children) then getting a spanking to release stress. Getting the cry out, getting sub space, getting the reconnection. Awwwww

Excellent story

Well written and lovely my friend. Thank you for sharing it with us! Hugs