Hiding Things is NOT Showing Respect OR Submission.

I know I have a reputaion on here for not being the most model sub around, but I am trying to improve. With that said, I am going to try to remember that I am a reflection of my HoH and relishing in unsubmissive behavior is counterproductive. I want to be a good sub. Why am I sabotaging myself? I guess I think I'm bound to fail, so I might as well go down in a big way.


I am going to try to encourage all my fellow sub/spank sisters on here to work toward our goals, we're all different, but we all deserve to find happiness in what we desire. Let's build each other up! I apologize for not doing this, maybe it's the ''misery wants company'' mentality, if I was going to go down in a blaze of fire, I didn't want to go down by myself.....

This is a wrong attitude and is an area I need to work on with my Dom's help. I am so thankful to Sir Rod. He is a patient man and a good HoH! I owe him better respect than I've given him.

Sir Rod, I'm sorry I bent rules, stretch the truth, hide things from you.... some of which are a few stories on here that is putting myself down. I know you have a rule against that, and I know you will be looking at those stories in the morning and dealing with me accordingly.
I am very VERY sorry for not giving you my best, for putting my comfort above respecting you. I will work very hard to improve my behavior. I will be more open with you and not make these same mistakes twice.
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Hugs!! I'm sorry that you had a bad day or are in a down pplace. We all get there from time to time and always here for ya.

Yeah if we weren't in walmart he would've put it on speaker but I know sir wes loved talking to him too! Always here for ya both anytime

Uh huh that's ok we won't take the chances as I'm sure we could get some funny stares lol

So true and really when would we ever see those people again? next time speaker phone it is....maybe lol

Ok so I take that back...wont be using speaker phone even in Walmart and places nobody would know who we are or see them ever again...nope, cant do it, sorry sis lol

Omg thank-you for the laugh...really needed that tonight...your right I guess it would be Sir Wes' decision whether or not to put it on speaker but I know that he wouldn't want to see me making a mad dash for the exit if we were trying to get some shopping done ;-)

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at first I thought that DD stood for a site I frequent called daily diapers. but now I think I was wrong. as for domination, im already there. im still living under my moms care and rules because I cannot do so by myself. and though a adult, im more a adult baby. so does this fit anywhere in the area??? pwease help me understands. baby glp.

I'm always there for you. I'm glad you see this. And realized it needs to change. It's no fun when people get pleasure out of your pain and encourage the punishment. We do need to be there for eachother regardless. Because we all know.no one really understands this life but your sisters. I hope you get put back on your track. I knew deep inside that's what you want. Mike has given me a few good ones that now I get the look and that alone makes my butt hurt and makes me think twice. But it takes time as all things do. I know you can do it. You have a good man to guide you :)

That's a part of you that still wants control, maybe? That can be hard thing to give up.

I agree. And I believe it will get better :)