Hey everyone! I want to tell you I have asked my husband for a boot camp session. He has a weekend off coming up, I figured it would be perfect. Problem is.... since we started DD over a year ago I have asked so many times about this to many people. Always the same response. It's what you make it to be. Or go buy the book. I want details!!!

I just feel that we have not been 100% I feel we have more or less dabbled in it. Ya know? We both want this and want it full time. So maybe boot camp will help us get there. To remind him how I'm supposed to be and remind me what happens if I am not what I should be.

When I mentioned this to him he said.. are we supposed to stay home the whole time? The only response I could give him was. Boot camp is what you want it to be. I think we need some direction here. Help!

What happened in your boot camp? What where the rules? I know it's supposed to be over the top to get you on track. But that is really it. I actually think if we went out one night that would be good. We will have a sitter for the kids and it will be just us, plus the fur babies.

I think my main struggle is daily reminders. So I'm hoping with the weekend alone that his look or slight grab to my arm will have a little deeper effect on me. I can dismiss his little reminders and make a joke of it at times. Mainly because im a nervous laughter. I don't want to be that way.

Any advise and suggestions are welcome. Thanks
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Great question and I look forward to hearing all of the different specific ways that couples have done bootcamp!

Thanks. I definitely plan on posting about our experience. There are not many stories about it.

I know, and it is hard to find details. I know everyone does it differently and we shouldn't do what others do because everyone is different...but it is hard to even come up with a plan that fits ones marriage if one has no idea what it could look like!!! :)

Exactly!!!! Lol

Okay, doing some research. Going to post some links to others experiences in boot camp. Here is the first one.

I have almost finished her entire blog page. I love her! Find this the day I posted my story. :) isn't she amazing in explanation?!

I love her, too! I read her whole blog in two days, also. I just couldn't STOP reading it!!!

About 1/2 down, under the words "The initial "set-up" and mindsets necessary for a "training period": " is the description:

I have read this too. It gave me enough info that I had to keep searching for more. Which is where I found the above blog. But it was a start and I liked that! Did you?

Great day by day description here:

That is a good read. You are good at research! Sir just suggested I do more research. He wants to build his own boot camp for us but hearing things like this is whats helpful. Thanks so much!!

Good one

Good one.

Omg. My comments are jumping around. That is so annoying!!!!!! Lol why won't it just lost under the comment I want it to?! Thank you so much. As I find blogs ill share them in comments too. Good idea! :)

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Well for my sir and I, we are together 24/7 and usually do a boot camp about every 3 months or so. We never have bought a book or anything on it. For us it's him being dr.dom 24/7 for 3 days or so. It is minimum of 3 maintenance type spankings a day plus any punishment that has to be dealt w on top of it. I generally have some wiggle room w rules and whatnot but during that time there is none. I am never excited to hear that boot camp is coming but after I always feel so much better and submissive. We do not just stay in during that time as he's a trucker and I'm his side companion but everybody has diff experiences and what works for them. If you have any questions I'm happy to help in any way.

Wow! 3 a day?? Yikes. Are your rules the same during this time? What changes for you both besides he's more strict and 3 day with no flexibility? Does he feel you need it every 3 months or is that just what he wants to stay on track? Thanks for the help :)

That's not what my husband ment by staying home. We have heard some varied ways to do this. But it is all so vague. So being new to this and making it your own is proving to be hard. Thanks for the response

Yes yikes is exactly what I think/feel too! Lol with us maintenance is always just the hand (tho that is sure not saying that it is light or easy to get thru) where punishment always involves at least one implement. The rules are the same just he's alot stricter about them. But that being said we still have fun, laugh and joke. These aren't in the rules but generally during this time I'm much more apt to call him sir, ask permission for things I generally don't have to or wouldn't necessarily think of asking for (ie..If I could order this for dinner...which of course he always says yes) and those aren't in our rules but helps me to stay in that mindset. The reason for round every 3 mo..If it seems my punishments are coming more often or if submission feels like a struggle he will start it. One time, after a highly stressful time in life, I asked for a bootcamp because I just needed to be reminded that he is perfectly capable of dealing w me and the world felt so out of control it was a comfort to feel that control come back into place. :-) hope that all makes sense.

That helps A LOT. Thank you so much :)

If I can help in any way or just to chat feel free to msg me. Hope ur having a great day

Thanks. I'm am. Same to you :)

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