I am not at all ashamed of sexuality. I think that being a woman is a great thing and I have no problem showing off my curves, my chest my ***. I think there is nothing wrong with it. I think ALL woman are beautiful no matter the size. I think if you think you are sexy that is all that matters.

Men I think are just as sexy as well. I love a man that has confidence and can take control in and out of the bedroom. I think that there is something so sexy about that.

Also sexuality of same sex I see nothing wrong with that at all. Hell I have hooked up with a girl before for my then fieance and you know what I see nothing wrong with it at all. If you are ok with it and you like what you are doing then that is the only thing that matters!

There is something to be said about a woman who is not ashamed of her sexuality. I think there are some woman that I see that are sexy as hell but they do not feel it and it shows and then I feel like there attractive level went down a lot.

Sorry just in a writing mood today and wanted to get that out.
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Well said.