I Love *******, Deal With It.

I love to ****.  I love to give head for hours & hours.  If this makes me a *****, so be it.  I refuse to be ashamed of liking what I am good at and what other people enjoy that I can do for them. 
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I have to admit, that I am more prone to giving oral than received. Admission yes.

You get an A+ for honesty :)

well said!!

Right on... and finding partners? Well, it's all about match!

I love it as well . . . but my mouth does get a little numb after a while, so I need to take a break every now and then. (Usually just lie back and let them pleasure me . . . Lol!!!).<br />
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But, good for you. It's a lovely feeling to enjoy something that lot's of people seem to think is wrong, or slutty. I agree with you, we should never be ashamed of enjoying things that give ourselves, and others, the ultimate of pleasures!!!<br />
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With best wishes - Modesty

Oh hell, if it is that important for you, go ahead and suck me off for a few hours. Guess I would just have to grin & bear it ;-p<br />
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How did you get started? Was it the same very first time you gave head?

Good girl

Wow ! great for you babe ! Besides your own pleasure, which is very important ! You want to please your man ! You are a generous hot sexy lover ! Keep up getting and giving all pleasure you can ! xo peter

i can deal with that i like having my **** sucked for hours so if it makes you a ***** made maybe i am too add me like to see more

Good for you, the world is a better place just to have you on, less shame, more pride, you go girl!

I love the sound of this...unfortunately I can only last about 30 secs during each but I'm sure you make some studs really happy and that's great!

Ok, quiet on the set. Are you ready for your close up??

Awesome!!! but Hours?? You must have some neck muscles...Nice!

Wow! You're great!

amen sister!!!

For hours and hours...? I'm not being sarcastic-merely amazed-- you are talented!! Seriously!