My First *********

while working abroad once i spoke to the guy i was living with about *********. he started laughing and said i can have next week if i want and i agreed. in office he told me that 2 of the clients will be coming next week and they will stay at hotel. day arrived and he told me that they have booked a private resort and i have to go there. i went there and both men were standing in the room. one was about my age another was bit older. but my age guy was strong. they offered some drinks to me and gave me a black lingerie. i changed and was feeling shy between 2 men. they started kisisng me. on guy was pressing my boobs and holding hairs while other one put his hand in my panty and was kissing my belly. i was so aroused and horny. i was on bed naked and younger guy came near me and gave his **** in my moutha nd other started ******* the they changed the position and i started giving blow job to older one and this time i enjoyed the **** from the ypunger guy. i was topped with cumshots and took shoer with them and came back to home.
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Very sexy

Wow ! id love to share you with another man ! or woman ! you are naughty and oh so sexy and desireable ! please add me Arshu! xo peter

hot story..does ur husband like to hear it?

Very cool story - please add me!

nice experience...wish next time i can join :)

ur story made me ***

Love your experience and know the thrill....

So how mant 3 somes have you had?

Great story. A hot woman like you needs 2 men to be fully satisfied.

Nice erotic story, thanks for sharing. Wish I was a client of the guy you live with.