Madonna and the *****

My lady and I share everything. She told me that for two years she tried to break up with the guy she dated in high school. I asked, well, why didn't you? And her answer surprised me. I wanted to be a "good girl" she said, and then explained that she "was afraid of getting a reputation." She said her hormones were racing, that she stared at boy's crotches - and was afraid she would do too many guys. She basically stayed with this one guy for that reason. She then married the next boyfriend because they had good sex - but that didn't last long. Then she wandered on him because he didn't show enough interest. They're marriage was doomed. She kind of went on a rampage after that during the sexual revolution. She ****** quickly - on first or second date - and had several partners. Not all were boyfriends. Some were just *****. She married twice more. The first was a disaster but the sex was "heated" early on. The second cheated on her so she retaliated by finding someone else to screw. The husband died young, and she later left the boyfriend for me. We have what we call an "open and honest" relationship while being faithful to each other. We tell each other about our pasts (hers turns me on) and our deepest fantasies. Her's is to **** a big black stud. Point is she has always been a highly sexed woman and that feelings of shame caused problems. She went with one boy in high school because of it; married too young because of it; and had to deny her feelings of lust all through her life. She is a hot **** and part of the reason is because she loves sex and always has. She was just ashamed to admit it even to herself.
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Because of our society we limit ourselves.. As we get older we decide to finally be ourselves. Congrats to your wife for teaching that point.