Close Encounters

Close Encounters…The Secluded Paradise

It’s about 5:30pm and Mista and Joy decide that they want to explore some of the hidden beauties that Ssese Island has to offer, so they set out on a early evening exploration. They walk through a beautiful forest area and see different exotic birds that have migrated to the island and made it their home. Birds uniquely colored with bright green, blue, and yellow markings. A further walk revealed families of small monkeys playing in the trees, their young ones hanging onto their mother’s back as she maneuver about in the branches. Mista and Joy are both excited at the nature that so graciously exposed itself to them as they entered deeper into the forest. Suddenly they came to the end of the trees and what the two of them witnessed was absolutely mouth dropping. The trees gave way to the most beautiful sight that either one of them had ever witnessed. A beautiful waterfall that dropped more than 200 ft down into a blue lagoon that was beyond anyone’s imagination. The lagoon was surrounded by a white sand beach. Beautifully colored birds outlined the edge of the lagoon taken it their final meals before the night sky introduced itself to all the inhabitants of this secluded secret on this exotic paradise island. As Mista and Joy stood in total amazement they come to discover that this area was completely free of any other island dwellers in this remote location. It was if no one had even knew the area existed because there was no sign of human use in months, but it was clean and maintained; a perfect setting for an evening close encounter. As the two of them begin to move towards the lagoon, the birds take flight in unison, one after the other, as they fill the evening sky with an array of florescent colors against the blue waterfall background. Joy tells Mista that this was the most remarkable sight that she had ever witnessed in her entire life. Mista adds to her comment by saying “seeing her in this sight was the most remarkable sight he had ever seen. They hold hands and walk along the sandy beach as the pressure of the waterfall causes waves to rush in along the lagoon shore. When the waves would rush in, Mista would grab Joy and pick her up as if he were protecting her from some aquatic monster rushing in at her feet. Joy would melt every time he did and at one point prepared herself for him to grab and rescue her. As the sun continues to drop and darkness begins to take over the skies, the secluded paradise becomes more fascinating and more erotic. The sound of the waterfall splashing into the lagoon, along with the exotic sound of the forest wildlife, the lagoon becomes a perfect setting for Mista and Joy to embark on yet another Close Encounter.
As they continue to walk along the shore, Mista notices a group of seashells up on the bank. He walks closer to examine them further, leaving Joy standing at the water’s edge.
He notices that someone had arranged them in a message that read “I LOVE YOU.” He turns to call Joy to show her the artistic work of an earlier descendant of this secluded area, but she was not standing where he had just seconds prior, left her. He calls for her but there is no answer. He walks down to the water and finds all her clothes lying in a pile. He hears her voice calling to him from the lagoon, “The waters nice and warm are you coming in?” Mista begins to shed all of his clothing and joins her. He walks up to her and picks her up around her waist and pulls her wet naked body next to his. She wraps her legs around his body as they begin to kiss and caress each other. Joy lays her head back, her hair resting in the water as she looks up into the night skies. Mista kissing around her neck and her breast, the exotic sounds of the waterfall, the birds, and the pure beauty of this lagoon causes her to become very erotic. She reaches down and grabs Mista’s **** and lowers herself onto it. She grabs him around his neck and starts riding him nice and slow, biting him on neck and chest softly. Their naked bodies become captive as nature holds them hostage in this secluded paradise. After a while Mista packs Joy out of the water and onto the sandy shore and lays her down on her back. He gets down his knees and starts kissing her breast, pulling on her nipples softly with his lips. He kisses down to her navel and around it delicately and back up to her neck. His fingers start to penetrate her ***** walls, as he slowly massages her wet G-spot. Joy’s eyes are closed as she is enjoying the every minute of the way Mista is handling her body. Mista kisses her on the lips and softly bites her bottom lips. The fire inside of her is building stronger and stronger with every touch of Mista’s well-orchestrated touch. Mista spreads her legs open, eases in between and guides his tool towards her dripping wet *****. He slides it in slowly, going as deep and as he could possibly go. Joy releases an emphatic moan as he touches her spot. She reaches around and grabs him by his *** and starts burying her fingernails into him. Mista continues to supply the proper antidote that her ailing body requires while he’s kissing her and biting her neck. Then he whispers in her ear, “Is my cowgirl ready to mount this saddle?” Joy lets out an shivering “YES!!!!” The two of them roll over and Joy is mounted and ready to show why she is Mista’s favorite cowgirl. She leans over and tells Mista, “You ready cowboy?” He just nods as if to tell her to open the gates and let the bucking horse loose. And she does!!! She rode wild, but with much control. Sometimes going long and deep and other times just rotating her wet ***** just on the head of his ****. Mista just laid back and enjoyed it all. At times he had to reach around and grab her *** to slow her down because she had him right at the point of exploding. When he couldn’t take anymore, he rolled her over to her side, straddle one leg and put the other one on his shoulder. This was his patent “Figure Four”. It was always one of her favorites. He moved in and slid his **** into her wet ***** and starts to work it up and down with his hand. Sliding it up and down her ***** and then across her ****, repeatedly. After a few minutes of this, Joy pleads with him to give her the **** and stop teasing. With no hesitation he thrust his **** deep into her *****, again getting a moan of relief and gratitude from Joy. He is bottoming out in her and she is enjoying every minute of the way his **** penetrates her wet *****. Mista lowers Joy leg and somehow manages to get her on her knees, her face down and *** pointing up. She reaches back and spread her *** cheeks as Mista drives his **** deep into her. Mista runs his fingers down the center of her back as he drive deep into her. He reaches down and caresses her breast and then goes lower and massages her ****. She can feel her juices building as he continues to push her closer and closer to the point of ecstasy. It would be just moments later that she would let out an erotic and emotional moan, signifying that she had reach her orgasmic peak as her juices began to run down both hers and Mista’s leg. Mista wasn’t far behind, letting out an enormous scream as if he were king of the jungle. They roll over in the sand and Joy lays her head in his chest. She looks up into the starry skies and knows that this is truly the man of her dreams who gives her the type of love that she has always wanted. They lay there for hours enjoying the exotic sounds of their new found secluded paradise.
When they finally get up and get dress to leave, Mista walks over to the arrangement of seashells and adds a few words of his own. When he was done arranging the seashells, the message now read, “I LOVE YOU, MY QUEEN.” They gathered their things and headed back to their cottage feeling more in love then they already were, marking this close encounter monumental in both of their eyes.
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May 5, 2012