Sex Addict, Maybe.

The older I get, the hornier I get.
When I was young I was a real frigid *****.
When I learned to ********** myself, it opened up a whole can of worms for me.
Now, I can't get enough.
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41-45, F
7 Responses Apr 19, 2007

Well I was never frigid even from three years old.
But I sure as hell got hornier and it gets worse even at my age.

Sex is very personal. Yet we have to fend for ourselves, when growing up, to learn how to have it fit our life. By nature it's supposed to be pleasurable otherwise our species wouldn't procreate!<br />
In order to have great sex witha partner you have to be extremly confortable with them and secure!<br />
Males are easy when it comes to sex - thast how nature built us. Females are more complex but deeper in their sexual spirit. <br />
Just don't let any one put you down because you feel things differently than they do... They are not you.

thats why we got

I agree---I too--older I get honier also----no more inhibitions---shoot--I "self-pleasure" ALLOT!

************ IS therapeutic---when you have a spouse that "isn't into sex" your doomed---

I had to work sooooo hard to figure out what made me tick.<br />
No more faking it for me!! he he

You just don't know....!!!! lol