There is nothing better then a little tease in sex..

my wife and i used to have explosive sex and i LOVED it.. i miss it a lot now so thought i would re create it on EP to share with everyone..maybe it will comeback to us one day:

I lay in bed, panting from the amazing sex we had just had. she looked over at me, sweating and craving for more. i wondered how 2 ******* had not satisfied her appetite of me. i guess she was still hungry for me as i was for her.

i had *** once but my **** was still hard, as my body too had not gotten enough of her soft warmth.

i looked at her and decided to have a bit of fun that night. i tied her up, legs and arms, to the 4 pillars of our bed, and she grinned at me wondering what i was up to.

making sure she couldn't move, i decided to give her the best sex of our life!

As i slowly kissed her ankle, making her shiver, she knew i had some fun intentions for her . i wanted to please her, make it just about her, give her the waves of pleasure she was still craving..

i made my way up her knee and onto her thigh, with my tongue sliding its way on her leg as i moved upward towards her throbbing *****..i dived into her with my tongue, ******* it round and round and then in her, as she moaned and screamed with her hands tied..

she loved baring her nails into me, when she was pleased during sex, but this time, she was in a place she had never been before..had no control over anything i was doing to her..

as her warmth flew into my mouth, i could taste her sweetness make its way down my throat.. she screamed and moaned and begged me to **** her, but i was going to tease her with my tongue, until i knew the waves of ****** were going to flow out of her..

i moved my hands on her butt and tightened my grip on them with every stroke of the tongue i made, she quivered, and screamed for me to stop the tease, and just help her reach climax..

i knew her body well.. too well.. i knew she wasnt going to last long, so i stopped, and moved on top of her, as i went inside her wet and hungry *****..

it was the wettest and warmest it had ever felt in my life..my life with her..
i knew i wouldnt last long either, with her tightening around me, and moaning heavenly sounds of pleasure...

i sucked her neck, her chest, her arms and bit deep in her shoulders, as the two of us growled to the waves of ******..that flowed through our bodies....

oh i miss those days of sex with her..

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1 Response Sep 10, 2012

Sigh...I am missing that too! And I just have to ask....2, you think she should be satisfied with just 2? *hides smile* Oh honey, some of us want as much as we can get! ;)

I understand ;)