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isn't sex the most wonderful thing on earth? it can make you feel so many things. it has power and depth. it is music and light. it is darkness and pain. i can't not think about it. I want it all the time. i think about it and all the ways i like to do it. I think of other ways - new and different. tried and true. everything about it from the lightest touch to the hardest pounding. wish i was having sex right now and not sitting here at work typing this. 

my husband can make me feel like i never thought possible. he is truely the most amazing lover I have ever had.

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7 Responses May 10, 2007

and for me - sex encompasses all those things *** when it's with someone you love and who loves you

Plenty of things. Love, and trees, and air, and the ocean, and colors...<br />
<br />
If I was told that I could never have sex again I might be a little disappointed because it is a very emotional connection, but I also know you can connect in different ways.

youngmiss - what things?

sasxiv- I think otherwise. There are better things than sex.

I wish I felt that way about sex...why don't I??

Well said.

I wonder - is there anyone who thinks otherwise?