Dorm Room Romp

    My freshman year in college I was involved in a strange incident. My roommate, Josh invited his gf rachel up for the weekend. I invited my gf at the time Lauren. Rachel is a preachers daughter turned freak and Lauren is a cute blondeheaded cheerleader with a large nice round ***.
    We had a few drinks in the room and the girls wanted to watch a ***** having never seen one. I went to my suitemates room in a hurry and grabbed their "pirates" ***** movie and popped it in the dvd player.
    Josh and Rachel laid in their bed across the room as Lauren and I laid in mine. We began to watch the ***** and my gf was enjoying it immensley. I became hard and pushed my **** against her ***. She reached around and grabbed my *** making me grind on her even harder. She whispered in my ear that she wanted to ****. We discreetly pulled down our pants. Laying on our sides, we began to **** slowly so we wouldnt attract my roomates attention.
     I then happend to look over at his bed and they were ******* like rabbits. I saw Josh on top of Rachel pounding away. I smiled and whispered for Lauren to ride me. She climbed on top of me and began riding my **** like there was no tommorow while rubbing her ****. She was so turned on by the alcohol, ****, and my roommate and his gf ******* it was incredible. No one said anything as we all messed around for about two hours. I was up for switching partners for the hell of it but I knew Josh wouldnt be because hes the jealous type. I didnt even bother to bring it up.
    Im trying to talk my other ex to come visit me at my apartment for a good time. I might try to get my other roommate laid by her too. Shes a freak and has expressed some interest in a mmf ********* but has a bf holding her back. (even though ive banged her behind his back) All i can do is hope...
Vagabond Vagabond
1 Response May 15, 2007

Ah, the wonderful life of college