Regular Satisfaction

I often go down to the local pub late at night, now days i dont need much of an introduction..they know what i'm there for.
i target the older i find the dont last as long..allowing me to **** more men.
i even have a room there which a can use for i never stay the night.
I just go there, the locals know who i am and will often buy me a drink before we go upstairs.
any non locals dont take long to figure out what i'm there for. When non locals find out i dont charge they r willing like rabbits!
they all know the drill, no protection and to fill me.
its great, i enjoy it and i satisy the locals before they go home. i usually get there 5 - 6 men before i head home. However i am there a few nights a week.
I love how they treat me..occasionally i have someone who's really gentle..but most of the time they pull it out n ram it straight in so hard..some men only last a minute or two..which is fine..i get off on being filled..others last 5 - 10minutes..its the young ones who last for sometime so i try to avoid them.
hornay hornay
22-25, F
4 Responses Dec 19, 2012

Mmm I love to pull a quickie on your *****

And older men know better how to degrade a young **** toy as you are

I would pound that **** so hard that you would absolutely feel every thrust touching your cervix .you would be begging me to explode inside your used -up ***** ; until my seed is flowing out of your gaping hole down to the crack of your ***.

damn what pub is that