Seduced a 33 Yr Divorced Lady Happnd 2 B My Frnd

i knew this frnd of mine for a long time.... whn i was a kid.. she got married and gradually we lost touch... i grew up and one fine day i met her again in a diff city thru a common frnd... she got divorced by thn.. we exchanged our contacts and thr was nothing fishy on mind.. not on mine at least ;)... we kepton talking for a month or so... i used to visit her place often as she was alone and i thght if giving company... one evening she calld me for dnr... we had it together and thn she askd me to stay ... as it was a weeknd nd i didnt had any otehr work i stayed...we started talking and catching up for the lost track ... she askd me abt my gf's ... she suddenly popped this ques. "so how many girls u had till date" .. i was surprised a lil.. i just ignored the ques... she thn changed her dress n came in a awesome nite dress... i cud see her nipples getting hard  and got to know tht she is not wearing any underwear.. i started touching her.. she didnt said anything and to my surprise she took off my pants and started sucking my ****...we got nude and wild... i was lcking her juice from her ***** ahhhh it was heaven... nd she was sucking my cork like a hungry *****... i squeezed her boobs and licked her nipples for the longest time i cud remember... i slid my **** in her ***** and rode her she moaned and i cud imagine how hungry she was... she came on top of m and had a ride.... we ****** 5 times tht nite.... it was the best exp i had.... it's sooo gr8 to have a married experienced women...
octo octo
26-30, M
May 21, 2007