The Third Times A Charm

Several months ago my husband set up a couple’s profile for us on Adult Friend Finder so that I could have a “stunt ****.” My husband would like to watch me have sex with another man, but because of jealousy issues, finds he can’t be in the room. He has me videotape and then we watch later. He has been experiencing some “growing pains” with the whole process and the first 2 hookups I had caused him much angst.
From the very beginning, there has been a man on AFF that has wanted to **** me. He has tried many messages, but my husband said that because the guy, Brent, lives quite local to us that he wouldn’t let that happen. My husband also knew Brent a little bit and found him cocky and didn’t like him much. Unbeknownst to me, over the course of the last few months my husband and Brent have been emailing, with my husband even sending Brent the links to my Sybian and squirting videos.

My husband took me totally by surprise last Saturday night by suggesting I get on AFF and message Brent that I had permission to Instant Messenger with him the next day, so he should watch for me. Other than this, my husband has insisted that all communication go through him. So that’s what I did, and Sunday Brent and I did chat, with my husband watching, and enjoying it. Brent later emailed him and thanked him for letting us chat. My husband told me I could set something up with him if I wanted. He did ask me to tease him a little by at first telling Brent that I thought my husband was softening, and he should keep working on him.

Sunday afternoon Brent and I chatted a little and played the hypothetical game. If, my hubby gave permission, when would we meet, and where would we meet? We came up with meeting at my house in the guest room on Martin Luther King Jr. day as I have it off from work. Brent’s wife normally won’t allow him to play on weeknights or weekends. We ended Sunday night’s chat with him not knowing that hubby had already okayed it and we were just keeping him waiting a little longer for fun.

My husband and I had a lot of fun Sunday night talking about the whole situation, and we stayed up late drinking some rum and having hot sex. About 3:00 a.m. I decided I would be taking a personal day off of work the next day. Lol My hubby had Monday off as well.

Monday morning hubs took our daughter to school and came back to bed about an hour later. He started kissing me and fingering me, causing me to squirt a little bit. Then, as his **** was deep inside of me, he said, “You better plan on getting ****** a lot today, because I texted Brent and told him he could come over and **** you today.” At the time, I didn’t know if he was telling the truth or kidding, but it didn’t matter, it made me so hot! Hubby shot quickly, and told me that he really had texted Brent. He asked me what time I wanted to have him come over, so I said 1:00.

Hubby also said he was lifting the ban on his once and done policy, and that Brent and I could chat and meet as much as we wanted through Martin Luther King Junior Day, and then all contact would cease. This was another thing that just totally blew me away.

We spent some time straightening up the guest room, putting a waterproof mattress pad on the bed, and figuring out where to set up the little movie camera. I also put a bottle of water, a bottle of lube, and a ponytail holder on the floor beside the bed. (I’ve found that the only men that hold back a woman’s hair while she gives head are **** stars. Lol) My husband was feeling very antsy and said he couldn’t stay home any longer. He headed to a casino that is about an hour away, leaving me time to prepare myself.

I took a bath, shaving all the important parts, making myself smooth and sexy. I decided since I didn’t have to brave the cold temperatures outside that I would go ahead and wear a short dress. I wore a short, clingy, long sleeved black dress, pumps, and ……… absolutely nothing else.

This was my 3rd Adult Friend Finder hookup, but I was still very nervous. I had never ****** another man in my own home before. That and the fact it was in the middle of the day, a Monday no less, made it seem extra naugty. I confess, I had 2 shots of rum while I was waiting. At 1:00 on the dot, Brent was ringing the doorbell. He looked a little different than in his pictures, not exactly what I expected, but attractive never-the-less. He took one look at me in my dress and bare legs, and said, “Wow!” I loved the look of lust I saw in his eyes.

We both confessed that we were nervous; I think he was even more nervous than I was. I offered him a beer, and we sat on the couch and talked a little bit. After drinking about half the beer, he slapped his knee and said, “Are we ready to go?” I said yes and lead the way downstairs. Once there I turned on the movie camera, making sure it was in the position that my hubby had instructed me to put it in. I turned on some “*******” music and turned to Brent, who had taken his shoes off. We stood kissing a little bit, and then I moved onto the bed. He sat on the edge of the bed, and I was on my knees, kissing him. He ran his hand up my leg and pushed my dress up, giving an appreciative moan when his hand discovered there were no panties in his way. He kept pushing my dress up until I reached down and grabbed it and pulled it over my head. I was totally naked, and he had a look of awe on his face. He had me lay down beside him then, and we kissed a little more. While kissing, my fingers were busy unbuttoning his shirt and undoing his belt buckle.

He sat up and finished undressing himself, except leaving his underwear on. After the looks of lust and awe on his face, I was a bit surprised to see that there wasn’t an erection ready and waiting for me. He then took his underwear off and my suspicions were correct—no erection at all. The internal dialogue in my head was whispering to me that maybe I had scared the bejeesus out of him.

He had me lay down on my stomach so he could give me the all over body massage he had promised me. Since my 3 favorite things in life are massages, *******, and chocolate, I certainly didn’t object about this. After massaging both sides of me, making sexy comments the whole time about how I looked, I thought it was time for me to give him some pleasure.

I had him lie down and I bent over him and put his limp **** in my mouth, getting ready to do some magic. He barely let me start before he pulled me off and rolled on top of me, kissing my neck and whispering in my ear, “I’ve been waiting forever for this.”

Brent is quite skilled with his mouth and fingers, making me squirt all over both of us. He had told me when we were chatting that he was planning to “torture my g- spot” and make me *** all over him—it hurt so good. At times he would clamp his mouth on and drink down my juices as they gushed out of me. His whole face and chest ended up dripping, as well as my stomach and legs.

After several rounds of this, I was hoping for a good hard *******. Unfortunately, Brent was having a self-admitted case of performance anxiety…. saying he didn’t know what was wrong with his stuff. I told him it was okay, but he would have none of it. He kept pleasuring me, and managed to get his **** hard enough to go into me while we were in missionary position. For a while after that, though, he still had some problems with losing the erection. He exhibited his usual persistence, not giving up, and getting his **** hard and ready to give me a good *******.
“I don’t want to let you down.” As he said this, he was lying over me, with his arms holding his body up, looking at me with an extremely intent look. I told him I knew he wouldn’t let me down.

He was very good at moving the **** in just far enough to continually stimulate my ***** opening and g spot. It was quite enjoyable, causing me to squirt many times. In fact, I started trembling at one point as I had squirted so much. Much as I enjoyed his ******* style, I did start to long to have him go hard and deep inside of me. He wouldn’t do it though, even when I tried to pull him in deeper with my arms and legs.

At one point he had me scoot to the edge of the bed, and he picked me up and had me wrap my legs around his waist. We attempted it 3 times, but after he’d get his **** in, my wet and slippery body would just start to slide down too much. I couldn’t help but laugh, figuring the image of this on the video would be pretty darn funny.

We moved back to the bed, and I asked if we could do doggy. He said he would probably shoot quickly that way, so I told him if he was going to shoot anyway, please go as deep and hard as he could. He was happy to oblige at this point and filled me with his *** very quickly. My ***** went into multiple spasms, squeezing all of the drops of *** from his ****. After he withdrew, he sat down on the edge of the bed, saying he was light headed. I playfully asked, “Which one?” and he replied, “Both.” We had a good laugh over that one. We both got dressed and headed upstairs, with him saying that he would be in touch. He said he had a busy week ahead but would try to take advantage of the lifting of the one and done ban until Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

I texted my hubby that we were done. He said he would be home in about an hour and he would get our daughter from school on his way home. I did as he instructed me and did not shower, but I did change out of my sexy dress--- I didn’t know how I’d explain that to my daughter—especially since she thought I had stayed home sick. When they got home he came over and gave me a big hug and kiss, displaying none of the jealous behavior he had displayed after my first 2 AFF hookups.

The 7 year old got busy watching t.v. and my husband motioned me down the hall to our bedroom. We got naked on the bed and he started fingering my *** filled *****. As he did, his **** got hard, and I started to tremble as he tortured my g spot causing me to soak down my second bed for the day. We then enjoyed a 2nd hard ******* for the day with each other as well.

Later Brent texted my hubby that all he could say right then was, “WOW!” Later he emailed my husband a thank you and told that even though his nerves had gotten the better of him and caused equipment problems, that he had really enjoyed himself. My husband replied that I had as well.

And did I mention that my husband won $200.00 at the casino while another man got lucky with me?

All in all…. a very memorable Monday.  

1-22-13 Postscript
 Martin Luther King Jr. day has come and gone, and so has the “unlifting” of the once and done ban.    Brent was unable to meet with me at any other time as he had a busy week full of family obligations that he was unable to miss.  It still made for an exciting few days.

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Wow, your hubby is so lucky to have such a sexy and naughty hotwife!!!

you are reaaly hot. add me pleasee so i can enjoy your pics

Very Very nice! !

You and your husband rock!

love the story and pics how about adding me Dave

I would think that your husband's conflicting feeling (being jealous and turned on at the same time) about you being with another man would enhance the experience for you. On the one hand his jealousy shows how emotionally difficult it is for him to share his wife with another man. On the other hand, he is sexually turned on by another man possessing his precious wife. Interestingly, he resolves these two conflicting feelings by having you record your trysts, and watching them later. I suspect he gets a double experience each time your with another man. He gets that delicious agony that comes from knowing another man is ******* you at that moment--visualizing what he is doing to you. Then he gets to watch what was done to you without the emotional conflict he would have if he was watching "live". If he was watching as it was happening, part of him would want to stop it even as he was filled with the erotic desire to see you ******. When you both watch the recording later do you provide him with a running commentary of what you were feeling?

Lucky Brent.

Great story, thanks! The story line was very pleasantly unexpected. The taboo is broken.

Wow! Love it....and I am jealous! :-)

great story Hope you continue enjoying yourself

In that last pic, you look like you had come really hard...your chest is so red...;)

Great story. Very hot and sexy

Nice post :)

I enjoyed your story and the pics,I hope we will be friends.

wonderful story and very nice pics! would love to be added

Great story and also great that your husband has overcome his jealousy to some degree. My wife had a lover, common friend of ours, well hers more than mine that I didnt like at all, because of the reasons you described in this story. He was cocky and acted superior to me.
I know that my wife wanted to have sex with him really bad and I always told her no, she cant do it.
Then I decided, I needed to learn to control my own jealousy and dislike for this guy and gave her the go ahead. She had sex with him a couple of times and then stoped it totally, she was turned off by his cockyness but admitted that he was good in bed. They never did it at our home, she refused that, probably to respect my feelings.

I learned that I grow stronger by controlling my own feelings even if it felt really bad seeing him in our house at a normal party, mingling with my wife and that they disapeared together for a few minutes to the upper floor. Wife later told me that he tried to take her into our bathroom for a quickie or make out. She did kiss him but did not do anything more with him.

great stuff - wish it was me?

Thanks for the story and it looks like he did a great job of eating you out. Please add me, I hope ya'll do this again!

Wonderfully hot story!

so does that mean that the once and done policy is now gone.... or that the option of lifting it has come and gone ???
Ack - so confusing :)
But the fact that he couldn't get it up is confusing too.....

Option of lifting it has come and gone. Policy is back in force. lol
Nerves, and guilt issues for the other confusing matter, I guess.

Great pics!

Great shots!

Everybody "got lucky" ...Brent got a hot Monday surprise with a beautiful woman, you got filled with hot sauce from a strange ****, and hubby **** home with his pants bulging in more ways than one:) Charms do *** in three's don't you think? Let’s do the numbers!!! dc

Awesome story and amazing pics. You are such a beautiful woman!

Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing.

Great photos..... I suspect that there will be many more such events in the near future ????!!!!
Thank you for posting the story....

You are one of my ATF's!!

You changed my whole perspective of Mondays! I love *******, massages, and chocolate too! Great story :)

Awesome ..really awesome. Sounds like those baby steps are paying off!

It sounds like everyone got lucky !!!!
Now.... when can you post the video :)

Oh Happy Day...and it **** on a Monday too :-) What a hot way to chase away the cold of winter by enjoying some hot *** squirts. Your story has sure raised the temperature here and is creating a tropical "wet zone" in my unders. I'm "Happy" for the warming trend in your world...and mine too:-) What makes it even hotter is the "warm" reception you received from the hubby...not once but twice!!! Now I'm justwonderingif... it was the anticipation **** or the ******** **** that warmed him the most and had his balls boiling with *** for you. Either way you can smile at the thought of your ***** being the "hotspot" for two very appreciative men. Let's just say adding the "Third” really is the charm...thanks for sharing :-) dc

You both got lucky! How nice!,

WOW!! THAT WAS SOOO HOT...and CONGRATULATIONS!!! UGGH I am SO happy for you :)

Not bad for a Monday lady. When he gets over his equipment problem you will have an extra inch or two, that should be even better.

nice. sounds awesome

Probably the best Monday ever ;)

I actually got married on a Monday, and had a baby on a Monday, so I guess this one comes in as my 3rd best Monday ever. lol

Monday must be your favorite day :)

WOW indeed. The hottest of all the hot stories here on EP.