Can't Believe I'm Confessing This!!!

My dad's a preacher so you can just imagine my attitude towards the whole sex before marriage thing.  I never said I would wait but I guess I never thought I would be able to be free as I am about the whole thing.  Funny thing is I that if I loved a guy I had no problem with having sex with  him but I did have a problem admitting I wanted it as much as he did....cause of course I was taught girls just shouldn't.  Well that problem ended when I ended up in a relationship with a guy I had known practically all my life.  He was my brothers friend and of course I had a crush on him all my  life.

We ended up talking and the sexual attraction was so strong I tried my best to stay away from him.  It was wierd because he never once talked about sex to me.  I hadnt had sex in two years and he was cool with pressure. Well one day we ended up fooling around all because I couldn't keep my hands off of him.  Before I know it we have the kind of realtionship where I could do anything and say anything when it came to sex.  I was able to express myself like never before and his view of my never changed. My value in his eyes never changed. He taught me that it was okay to love sex and that just becuase I did, did not mean I was loose or slutty.  I was able to do so many things that I had only imagined myself doing.   Thanks to him I am so secure and confident when it comes to sex. totally uninhibited.  And I can admitt that I love sex and I love to seduce the man I love. 

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Every woman should have a man in her past, or in her present, who allows her to feel such strong confidence. I did. I only wish my husband reacted to me so passionately. I learned that I am capable of performing unbelievable exploits in the heat of passion.

I was brought up in a similar way except my father was not a preacher my mom's brother was. My mom always felt awkward even trying to talk to us about sex. So most everything I had ever heard came from other people. I too met a guy that I fell in love with and he taught me not to be ashamed to love sex. It really is a special thing shared between two people who love each other. I don't see anything wrong with that so I agree with you 100%!!