It Feels So Amazing

I adore sex.I love the closeness and the emotions that are wrapped in it.I love soft loving caresses,the sweetness of it.I really enjoy playful sex, being chased around the room, lately I have developed a thing for ice cubes:D I like to get down and have nasty sex occasionally.I really like it rough,I love being dominated by a male.MMmmmm....I could do it all the time and still love it.I love guys who are into ****, mine are so sensitive,I hate it when I am having sex and they are neglecting my ****.I  really really like giving head, I am glad I am a female, I love the male body and the things you can do with it.
blackcat blackcat
22-25, F
2 Responses May 28, 2007

Well it's good to see that sex is still important to some women. Well put.

And we appreciate that you like it. I bet your boyfriend/husband is a very happy man.