Sympathetic Good Wife...

As I said, I'm a ***** for the test passed, and of course, it is necessary to start work, I went to the library, purchased literature, and every day I look at what a good *****.
I decided that what I'm doing, I need to do perfect.With luke warm did not meet never.expachle in this business,If I'm better, I will more enjoyed ...

One of the first clients was an elderly lady, who is married with a young full of life man..
They have a lot of love that is not doubt.Man love his wife, but is no longer a young girl ... so the lady noticed that it is becoming every day more sadly.In to him one evening a good wife says:

"Dear, you know that I love this, but I see how sad you are, so I want to donate something special for you.."

"You know that I love only you," he said, but in that moment he grabbed the hands of a friend, because it is the thought of young fresh girl excited him,and friend become hard ...

So I came after his wife's order to their house to visit them, as a newly minted ****.
Fresh, young and full of ideas ..
Waiting for me a wife, she took me by the hand and take me to the bedroom, where he has been prepared ,her beautiful naked man.

she said to me: "I love my husband, but I m happy only if satisfacted see him ... and when this will be rolled, will finally donate your gift to me "

And ordered me to lie down on the bed to him.She want left us when a man called out:

"Honey, do not leave me alone ... stay, and if you love me, you will witness pleasure that I owe you ..."

Then she both us kissed on mounth.Bed was great, and a good wife she lay down to us.

Her husband's witness of his wife threw me on the stomach and nailed me.I scream like crazed!

"Hang on, my love!" is called a good wife, and in the meantime crowding his eggs ..

"Let me come, dear!

menu is she ordered to shake with my ***, give him good enjoj...

"My man that will be filled ... and you suckedj his ***** ... drag him in. ....
nailei her ,nailed it ..." she screamed in him.

we were also get angel ***.Six time me that night he ******, and the couple was very happy ... of course I was happy, too, and I enjoyed a very well deserved ..

I totally agree with the fact that it is necessary to perform that job, where you been a pleasure, happy and good earn.

This was my really good start, and it gave me just a new energy for further work ...
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Hi please add 😘

great story. Very heartwarming to see you help them

thank you,danieldarko...
ilikr help other to get pleasure
expecialy on brain

sometimes must at first rused their wy of thiking

No doubt....glad to see you helping others. you certainly helped me

this is my job...God gave us this gift,we must just use and share...door to haven cant be open for us,if our body never shake good pleasure...God want happy people around him.
Hey Darko,come with me on mountains there up of 1000 metres no quilty and limit...

Great story

and great satisfacted man,isnt it?

Why would anyone be ashamed to love sex... bloody hard to ve addicted

I agree,we need sex like food and air...

have sex with me.

ohhh,is that offer or demand?


bear travel anywhere,or only made move on his forrest?

where are you skyphone...I need yooooou

I m always here...waiting for you....

well deserved **** i would say

of course,i agree

was it as poetic as you have described it

good time is always poetic...this few minutes