Exhibitionism Added

my early exhibitionist adventures pertained to my young *** developments, but as i got older and more adventuress i found i had to be wilder for excitment. here's a good one i recommend. guy #1, the guy i want to show to, lies on his back. i get over him in 69 position so he can look into my ***** while i suck his ****. guy #2 ***** me from behind so guy #1 watches the thrusting from about 6 or 8 inches below. try it, it's real fun. p.s. Even more fun if husband is watching the whole thing
helene helene
31-35, F
3 Responses May 30, 2007

Should be participating in if anything and being a complete ramrod!

That does sound like fun! I dont get many guys wanting to share me though.

sounds like a fun time!