Love Sex Too Much

i love sex too much to the point i mind giving sympathy ***** to handicaps or disabled guys...

i had this neighbour,who is in a wheelchair(from birth)..hes nice n always quite..

we had alittle bit chat..once he opened up to me bout how he is a virgin n for a 30 year thinking thats i offer myself but hes scared he will like it n wants it again..
ill ensure him that wudnt be a problem..he will be asking for more i have given him an ****** he never had before :) love helping out..n more than happy to with more guys
Elisha90 Elisha90
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36 Responses May 29, 2013

Such a good bad girl!

What a sweetheart!

Such a nice neighbor.

You have a kind heart. Hope you do not change. Big rate up!

Your the nicest, prettiest girl ever. Can we clone you?

You really are an angel.

You can never luv sex to much. If the girl looks like you it makes it so much easier to want to **** all the time....

wow... that's awesome. very noble of you...

I have had sex with people who may seem to others as though they are sympathy partners. Generally, like in your story, it's because I like the guy fundamentally. But there is no doubt that I get pleasure from giving pleasure to people who may not have been dealt the strongest hand. The thing is, they are usually lovely people and many have become firm friends.

That was a nice thing and you sound like a great neighbor! How did YOU like it?

That's what I need ,a bit of sympathy haha>

how generous feel me get handicap n take you 245 x 7 hottie

That was sweet of you.

That is not liking sex too much.

Sex is supposed to make people feel good. Instead, false morality has made it a shameful, disgusting and vulgar activity.

Enjoy it. You did something for him no one had done.


That's nice. I need and ****** outside my relationship to relieve some stress.

You're a sweet, caring, generous lovely young woman, the world is better with you in it

How generous of you ! im sure you made a lasting impression on him ! cheers to you babe !

You are a saint

How joyful you are!

That is really awesome! You probably can never realize what a difference you have made in his life. Kudos to you!

ohh you are such a sweet girl I would like to marry one like you.

Very sweet *thumbs up* Not sure if he is lucky or unlucky anymore...

Wow, I wish I can have the chance to experience the same thing

You are a very nice person.

Not only are you very sexual, you are also a nice and caring person :)

so hard to know

Help disabled vet

That is so sweet of you, I would do the same thing to help satisfy someone like that

Did you enjoy this encounter?

yupp i did..i felt so slutty but felt like im doing a good thing at the same time

your a nice friend, :0)

wish you could be my neighbor and we could ****

you are an American hero! :)

You are an angel to give such a wonderful gift to others

If I lived by you I might go out and rent a weelchair. But I think you might realise I am pretending when I get up and you see how hard you made me.

come help me out!