Where to Start

Call me a pervert, a deviant, social misfit, or an outcast.  I don't care.  I love sex... Variety is the spice of live and I want to try it all.  Amendment, I'm not interested in anything dealing with another penis thought, sorry its just not for me.  But, rough sex, soft sex, S&M, mock rape, or a *********.  I wish my partner would watch a couple movies or look around on the internet, maybe they'd come up with a few things to try.  But no, all I get is plan ol' missionary.  Maybe that's why I resort to the internet when I want to have a good time.  Like I say there is no better gratification like self-gratification.  I only got to do cyber sex once.  That was because one the g/f found out and flipped out, and two time consuming and cumbersome to type and ********** at the sametime.     
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Jun 26, 2007