Sex Is A Gift From God

God is so awesome when He gave us all sex the gift of sex to enjoy as a couple. I love sex and never ashamed to admit that fact to my family and friends. I love talking about sex all the time. When I was talking to my kids about sex, I told them to never be ashamed to admit they love it. I love having sex with my fantastic husband so much. He is just so wonderful in bed by being so considerate about my womanly needs too. He makes sure that I enjoy this process to by pleasuring my entire body; including my private parts with his tongue, fingers, and of course his BBC. In return, I always pleasure him with my mouth covering his BBC. Nothing better than being in love and having sex together and pleasuring each other to the maximum too. Always experiment too sexually this will keep your sex life alive and never get stale. Whatever you do sexually do it as a couple and not individually without the consideration of the other person's feelings. When it comes to self pleasure, just do it. For God's sake, every one does it; even my parents, my own children, and my husband and I do as well. It is great pleasure when a person needs to take the edge of horniness is telling your body you need to pleasure it.
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I love sex and not afraid to admit it or talk about it with friends. No better release for stress even if alone and doing myself.

Well said, for sure. Nothing in the world is as good as a satisfying ******!

So sexy, just right.


The best way to show love, beautiful, pleasurefull sex,
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Oh so right my dear...every line...every word...

Thank you so much.

Bravo!!! Excellent comments. Fantastic mindset. Xx