Horny Already

My husband woke up around 4 am. He latched on my nipple to nurse like he does everyday. After her emptied both of them, he stuck his **** in my mouth and I sucked it till he was hard. He flipped me over and shoved it in my *****. After a few minutes he reached around and grabbed my nipples, pinching and twisting them as he brought me to ******. Then he grabbed the anal lube and my favorite vibrator. He lubed my *** and held my legs up. He told me to put the vibrator in my ***** and turn it on. He slowly worked his **** in my ***. As he started to pump harder I could feel my ***** start to ****** again from the feeling of double penetration. As I started to *** he ****** my *** harder it felt so good, **** started spraying milk like little fountains. He came hard in my ***, but then got up, showered, got dressed and left for the hospital. It's 4 hours later and I am so horny I can't believe it.
StellaMilky4U StellaMilky4U
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that certianly got me hard

Very hot lust inspiring story ! l adore ladies that love anal sex ! love to drink your milk as you milk my **** ! mmmm

Wow this is really hot

Your husband is the luckiest man on earth as he is allowed to feed on your milky breasts and also ******* you to make you cumm so many times. If you need some help I'd fell honoured to suckle your milk and also help in any other way you desire.

Oh this is so similiar to my experience... minus the *** play...

Well waking up next to you certainly guarantees you a great day!

One hot lady!!!!!!!

Love this story.

What can awesome way to wake up. :)

That is a fantasy of mine to **** my wife with a ***** and **** at the same time. Sounds hot.

Feels amazing!