there's nothing wrong with it... it makes you feel alive and that's great!:)
blondieandpartier blondieandpartier
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Let's have some

let's have it then! Add me blondie? with the dark hair ;0)

nothing to add

Can u add me ?

I love sex a lot I can do it everyday if I could

haha, that's good

Yes it's good but I don't get to have sex all the time like I want to


Yeah an I am marred

oh don't cheat!

I have before an I want to do it again but won't

why would you cheat? does she know you did?

I wanted to here yes take me I'm yours or just give it to me with me even asking She knows I've cheated I told her

that's horrible im sorry not to sound rude

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so true :)

I know I did write it and all. haha

sassy! i like it. lol.