Nope, not one bit! Morning, noon, and night... What I can't hear you OH well Huckleberry I see a closet.... Ahem. (Wink wink) oh look Hucks there's an alley, Oh Hucks do you think....yea I likes sex the real thing.... Not the **** you blast a key board come on Huckleberry light my fire ;-)
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11 Responses Jan 20, 2015

I dont blast keys.. LOL..... and you can call me Huck....*grinz*

Wow!!! You must be in really good shape!!!

U r my type gyal.

add me please

I tried to add u in order to follow u. Are u restricted?

Wow! Sounds exciting

Anywhere will do for sex!!!

Le blue girl unite :) lol

I agree. Morning, noon and night. I really like to lick it before I stick it.

I am on the plane already!

Anywhere, all the time. Say the word. Sounds thrilling!

Who wouldn't be with that much sex? Were it possible, all the time, every day. Almost nothing else.