Why should i be ashamed of my body not enjoying a wonderful sex life with my great lovemaking husband. I know some women who have their kids in their late 20s and early 30s then all of a sudden quite having sex all together with their husbands or boyfriends. I have never been like that at all because I started having sex in high school when I was 16 and still continuing today. I love everything about sex from taking a shower, wearing lingerie, physical kisses, touches, removal of my sexy gown or shorts and top, all the way to having oral sex and vaginal intercourse.
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It's the only way!

Sex is one of the few pleasures we are granted in this life. A wise person enjoys it to its fullest.

I had my kids at 32 and 36.
I have intention of giving up sex with my husband, ever!

No! Intention!

I totally agree. I never give up having sex with my husband ever. I want him all the time in me while we are rocking and rolling.

That's wonderful! After I was born my mother's sex drive was over . . . glad I took after my dad, extremely high sex drive!

I m so glad to hear that. I am very sexual too and have a very high sex drive at home.

I think certain women just get bored, but you sound very creative in keeping things spiced up.

You only had sex with your husband
You don't give chance to young boys like us

Why should she?

Why she can't ?
If she want to have sex with young guys so why she can't

Where did she mention you in her post?

So I m asking her dear not just get and do your own work


Ohh show us your ***

On serious note don't you have the desire?

For a young guy? No.
I had them years ago. I don't need one. I'm quite fond of my husband.
What do young guys have to offer?

I m having my virginity
And if you are a experience woman then teach us something baby
And the sex which I can your husband can also not give

Said the virgin.

Yes no virgin doesn't even matter to you but sex which a young guy can give old man can't baby

You have so much to learn .. And I'm not helping you with any of it.

It just need a month to learn all this thing baby
And are old your body must be loose not like young girl is having
The only thing you have is experience which you or other will teach me who is experience

I'm getting it and you're not.
You should be thankful for whatever you can get!

What can I get dear

Not much it seems.

How could you say that
First have it and then put your feedback 😊

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You go girl

I wish my wife was more like you

I hope she will be soon. She will have a great sexual relationship with you.

Good for you, sweetie! :)

Thanks for the encouragement.

You're welcome, sweetie! :)