This is not the 60s and early 70s when moms told their daughters to hate sex. In fact, I love sex so much and have been pregnant a multitude of times. I do have a large blended family now.
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Really? Wow, How incredibly intriguing! That's interesting that you have the freedom to feel that way and because you certainly are attractive, I'm sure men want and like to see you without clothes. Good job, Ma'am.

What color panties are you wearing?

I love the glow of a pregnant woman in the morning. It looks like.....steamy wet sunshine covered in juicy stardust.

I think what mothers told their daughters in the 60's and 70's varied enormously. I haven't actually known any who were told to hate it. Most were just told to be careful. The freedom for women brought by oral contraception has changed societies and cultures globally. And I believe we are still learning what those changes are. Maybe only history will tell us

How big is this large blended family of yours?

I became sexually active in the mid 60's and my mom encouraged me to be as sexual as I was comfortable with. Mom knew I spread my legs often and loved to get on my knees and give head and she was cool with all of it.