But EP thinks I should be. I'm giving in and HATING it...read the story in the comments below. :/
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Sex and sexuality is so important..... To me at least. It energises me and keeps me going through the day. I hate it when EP thinks it's OK to control our thoughts.

who is hating whom?

generally i don't know most things

doubt me if you will

I'm so hard right now. Wish I could help you sometime ;)

Fabulous first person experience so easily understood its like I could take over next round and let you lay back and enjoy my first practice session to do that all over again for you. I would need many many hours of practice with you 😁

Love to see a picture get the full exec of you G rated of course

Let us be friends.
I love sex too

Same here

Just work around the filters. We cannot afford to loose good lady writers like yourself.
The filters are stupid actually and I have fought them many times. Even over the word Blue *** which is a bird.
They used to censor it but would let "Shag through" which is also a bird and also means having sex in slang.
Just do not stop and fight back. Without people like us E.P. would not exist!

The filters are pretty dumb. Just be clever. And know that while they're sensoring, you're probably legs up, in waves of bliss!

Show em

Jesus you turn me on like crazy