Multiple O's or one and done?
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5 Responses Sep 14, 2015

One and done

My current girlfriend has about 20 or more on a good night together. Me only one...but an awesome lead up. :)

More, more, more!

Tantric breathing together. Masturb8shn together, mutual, phone, chat on EP.

Not every time. Sometimes a full body O with no ***********. After all I don't have delusions of grandeur. Just the fun of it all. No goals, no expectations. Let's just have fun.! The journey and getting lost in you, lost in me is what I love. And kissing during O. And Kissing and O while looking into each other's eyes is orgasmic in itself!! More! More!! More!!!

And the bouquet!


My fiance can usually get me to have multiple

In one night like 6 or 7

Uses his tongue a lot, takes his time, idk he just seems to hit the right spots