Embarrassed And Ashamed!!!

Okay I had something happen to me and I wanna tell someone.  I chit chatted on a website for swingers and there was this huge place we met at in PA.  It was a huge sex resort.  I had never heard of such.  A lot of us met and ******.  The place they wanted me to stay was nasty!  I booked a hotel and brought some friends with me.  Going back home with my friend from the site (a chick) we stopped in NY to see another friend from a sex site.  We had our fun with him and we all stopped at a local CVS.  Well, OMG guess who I saw in there?!?!?!  I flipped out!  3 nuns in full garb!!!!!!  I sunk down in the car and refused to get out.  They did not see me but omg omg omg i was mortified!!!!!  My 2 friends so did not understand and were like they do not know what we were doing!  I was think holy ****!  i came from orgies, gay sex, 3 somes, am not married...did everything against God.  Well, I will not join this group b/c Holy Mother Mary...yeah i have been ashamed!!!!!

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i am agnostic. but yeh i felt like a lil girl when i saw them. i revere those that give their life in servitude of their faith. yeh i felt guilt and it is a funny reaction to feel like a kid with her hand stuck in a cookie jar...but i did!

Hmmm - people point to a verse here and a verse there. I've read the "rules" and in context. The Sodomites (legendary cities) were destroyed because they were rapists. Cheating spouses are dishonest. I've looked hard, trying to understand how a loving God would hate pleasure and I have to tell you - I haven't found it in His word - only the misinterpretations and intentional use of His word for someone's agenda. You should only stand ashamed of yourself when you have committed the root of all sin "deceit". There's no deceit between consenting adults and anyone who would point to a translated out of context verse is practicing deception for their own gain. Originally the gain was social security - as being afraid to have sex cuts down on STD's, unmarried pregnancy - don't forget that "pure" girls are worth more on the marriage market - and a few other things that are no longer relevant in the modern world.