Same CRAP! Different Day

I'm a teacher and don't get me wrong I love teaching but I also believe that an unhappy worker is an unproductive one.  Our staff has alot of issues especially the women so when I feel I've had enough I stay home.  It usually makes me feel better as long as my students aren't affected in the process.  Yesterday a coworker made an insensitive remark to me.  I felt so frustrated my thoughts went global! I began thinking that maybe I made the wrong career choice.  Maybe I should have snobbed everyone from day one and minimise interaction with staff.  I came home and immediately searched on the internet for a new job in a different country.   I also began thinking of other situations in my life...I requested a transfer a whole year ago but bureacracy has slowed that desire, I want my own house, lose weight etc.  So basically when I got up this morning I said you know what who cares if u stay homel. U go girl and thats why I'm home sweet home!
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1 Response Mar 1, 2007

I didn't stay home today but I have done that exact same thing. I had a job that I hated. The boss and office manager were hateful and sometimes when I had a really bad day the next day I would call in sick. I became so miserable because the bad days out weighed the good ones and I started calling in sick a lot more often. I finally quit that job. It really is hard to drag yourself out of bed and get ready to go to a job that makes you unhappy. I don't blame you. I hope you will find a job you love. I did finally and I look forward to going to work now. Good luck to you.