Nope, Not Batman

Although I think it'd be really awesome to have a totally spiffy and useful utility belt, and an alphabet soup decoder, I sadly do not.  Nor do I have a sidekick of questionable sexual orientation.  Although I'm occasionally a total badass, I have yet to scale a tall building, or go out in public after having coated myself in black vinyl.  My voice doesn't have that beautiful, deep resonance that it takes to say "I am Batman!" and send shivers down the ladies' spines.  Alas, I will never BE Batman.

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5 Responses Feb 9, 2010

I definitely wouldn't turn down a batmobile! Which one, though, some of them were cooler than others?

Heh. You can't fool me with this story. Nice try though :P

Too late, I already got you a bat mobile.

I know, franks, I know. It gets confusing sometimes. I'd really love to have an alphabet soup decoder. Anybody wanna get me one for valentine's day?

And here I was thinking you really were.