I Have Come To The Conclusion That I Am Not Bisexual

I have been agonizing over this issue for a good part of a year and wondering about it for much longer. I have posted a number of stories in "I Am Bisexual" about my confusion.

The big reason I am confused is that I really enjoy/am aroused by certain bisexual ****, the kind where a guy is made to do homosexual acts by a dominant female. Either he is made a cuckold and required to prepare his wife's lover or a FemDom makes him do something. I really like those stories.

But, on the other hand I feel no attraction to other men. A monster **** may arouse feelings of envy, but I do not have a desire to taste it or make it ***. I won't look away, especially if it is going to *** on a woman. But the man does not turn me on.

On the third, very mixed up hand, while I don't want to give up my ****, not even for an instant, I do have these feeling of envy over women being used by men. I admit I don't understand it because I am not interested in the man but am somehow interested in being the woman. I know, I know, really weird, really mixed-up.

In my 70 years I have had opportunity to have sexual encounters with men. I have never taken them up on the offers. I am just not interested. I am not a homophobe. I lived with a couple of gay men for some months between wife#2 kicking me out and going to the psych ward to see if I was legally a pervert (and I’m not) without ever feeling a tingle. I have crashed at the home of a gay friend. And I have known and worked with them (and followers of my stories know what I think of lesbians - delicious).

So, what was the problem; why did I agonize? The proposal was made, either in jest or halfway serious that I could become the male sub participant in one of these "forced bi-sexuality" scenarios. At the same time some mis-information was falling on open ears that said cross-dressers are gay. I have done my research and I believe that cross-dressing does not automatically indicate homosexual. I like to wear bras and panties; I am not turned on by other men.

But things have changed again. I find myself in a serious cyber relationship, pretty unusual for me. And I am in this relationship with a FemDom who has hinted and then openly talked of me servicing other males with hand and mouth. Could I? Would I?

What are the cons in this issue? Number one to me is “Dread disease.” As long as I have known of them I have feared dread disease. However, there are precautions one can take that make dread disease no more likely from a male than a female (and I have been none too safe on that front). Related to that is that for years I was a Red Cross blood or aphaeresis donor. “If you have had sex, even once, with another man” you are out. I didn’t want that to happen. But it has been 10 years since I donated and I think all the other drugs I take for my health would also keep me out. Tasting *** is not an issue; I have tasted mine plenty of times. Huge dicks up my *** are an issue; I hope my Mistress will use her slim Jim strap-on when She takes me anally. But that is a real-life issue, as, actually, so are the others. Here in cyber-land, where in fact I do want to please and turn-on my Mistress, I would gladly suck **** for Her viewing pleasure. And to be honest, if we were ever in a real-life situation, which, unfortunately, I think the chances of that are slim and none, I could suck **** for her, I could clean his cream-pie for her. And, if his **** is small enough, I could take him anally for Her.

But, that’s for her, because the Woman She is really turns me on, makes me say: “Oh God, Oh My God,” so often. Maybe, if I sucked a **** for Her she would say: “Oh God, Oh My God.”

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Yes, Fuzzbopp

After thinking over the previous comments, i realize how wrong I was. <br />
<br />
First, while it is not my position to say if or how I need to be punished, but if you think it appropriate, Fuzzbopp, please, to spare my Mistress the onerous chore of a punishment spanking, only if You think it proper, would You consent to punish me for my inappropriate remarks, my attempt to weasle out of imposing restrictions on how I may be used.<br />
<br />
And as You have permission from my Mistress to play with me I must assume She would enjoy seeing You play with me. So, please Fuzzbopp, would You play with me to please my Mistress.<br />
Use me for Her pleasure, please.

Oh My God.<br />
Fuzzbopp, how would You like to be addresses?<br />
When I said "if his **** is small enough," I was not trying to to decide for my Mistress. I am so sorry it sounded that way. I was thinking about with out use of a speculum or larger and larger sizes of butt plugs to enlarge me.<br />
Yes, my Mistress does make the decisions and I would do anything to please her.

you will ask Him how He wishes to be addressed, slave. When He chooses to use you, you will treat Him with the same respect and deference you show Me, and observe the same protocols unless fuzzbopp tells you otherwise.<br />
<br />
And slave? fuzzbopp is a natural at this. ~evil grin~

Yes, Mistress, Thank You.<br />
Mistress, if fuzzbopp wishes to take advantage of Your offer of this body, **** and *** that You own; shall I refer to him as Master. or...?

Fine, fuzzbopp, make a liar out of Me. ~lol~<br />
<br />
SP, amend my statement that "[forced bi-sexuality in the physical world] "isn't something I'd likely consider for you" to read:<br />
<br />
"Forced bi-sexuality in the physical world isn't something I'd likely consider for you unless fuzzbopp or someone like him (bifarmboy!) was available to Top you."

Oh God, Oh my God!

I am sorry it's taken Me so long to comment on this, My slave -- it's very thoughtful and insightful, and I am proud of you for posting it.<br />
<br />
I absolutely agree that you are not bisexual. Not even close. :-)<br />
<br />
What you connected with in the stories about women being used by Men is the same thing that turned you on in the forced Bi sexuality ****: both are forms of forced sexual submission. your primary kink, My pet, is being used for someone else's pleasure, and that's at the core of both kinds of ****. The only difference between the two is the degree and type of force used.<br />
<br />
Yes, I do enjoyed forced bi-sexuality a great deal, but it's not something I have an interest in doing with every sub, nor all the time. Frankly, My slave, it isn't something I'd likely consider for you. There are many other things that can elicit an "Oh God" from Me...