I'm A Coward

So yesterday, me and my friend are choosing a movie to watch tomorrow. At first, we wanna watch A Nightmare on Elm Street, but because I watched it once and I think it's so scary, I don't want to watch again. Then my friend suggest Final Destination. I watched it the other day and again I can't sleep coz I'm too scare. My friend then said that I'm a coward and scare of everything. I don't know what happen, I just feel that there is a bad feeling inside my heart. I know I'm scare of many things, so what?! She is scare of haunted house, but I'm not! Yes I'm scare of horror movie. Why can't she think in my point of view? Can't she think what mental things I may face after watching the movie?? I will have nightmares and afraid of something that I know doesn't exist. Even though I try to tell myself it isn't real, I'm still afraid of it... I just don't know what should I do.
americanogirl americanogirl
13-15, F
Jan 13, 2013