My Family Hates Me

My mother favors my brother who is 18. And my dad favors my sister who is 17. And of coarse no one is there for me. My family is very rude, and not very wise. Me on the other hand is smart and very kind. My sister is horrible, she calls me fat and stupid. She failed math while i am in accelerated math and have a 94. Yet my parents never ground her when she swears, makes a fool of the family, and when she acts like a brat. she gets what ever she wants. she has the biggest room that is redone. i have the smallest. she goes shopping with daddy's credit card and has 2 closets and 2 dressers full of expensive cloths she isn't even grateful for. I have 1 closet full of my dad's suits and my cloths (all k-mart). she has a flat screen tv. i don't even have cable. The only thing i have that she doesn't is a mac laptop. Which i am so grateful for and worked so hard to get it. I do everything to make my parents happy. When my brother and sister lay around i do all of the chores. I get good grades, i hang out with the right sorts of people, i always let down weed and drinking, But they still don't love me. They always say how i can be better. I never feel beautiful, and i never feel like i am good enough. I try my hardest but they just don't care. I am sick of crying every day. I am sick of the suicidal thoughts telling me that it can all be over. I always ignore them but some times it sounds like such an easy way out. I don't have any one to talk about this with. My friends always complain about how they are so ugly and fat, but they are really beautiful and skinny. It makes me think "what do they think of the way i look then?" I just need some one to talk too. Does any one else have issues with family and confidence? I need help. Soon.
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2 Responses Aug 13, 2010

I googled "My family hates me and they favor my older brother" and this came up. I read it through eight times relieved that there is finally someone who is dealing with the same crap I am. Im only 13 and my parents love my twin brother and my older brother who is 15. I do all the chores around the house and never complain. I need new clothes--Im 5 foot 9 and my clothes are way to small for me--but my mom says she cant take me out, but she can drive my older brother from house to house to house to house everyday and he meddles with tractors. Im in head over heels love for this guy in my grade, and when he asked me out, my mom yelled at me for even considering to say yes. But my older brother can date a pschyo who abused him mentally, and he didnt get any bullshit for it. My older brother curses all the time and is always in a really bad mood, but my mom doesnt "hear" him or care. But when Im upset (which is actually all the time since of these situations) she yells at me for overreacting. Im 13 and already considering suicide. Ive attempted it too. Unsuccesfully though. I try to ignore those damn suicide calls you mentioned, but they tell me a good life is ahead if I just do it. I know that if I do, no one will care. My family wont fall apart, because Im not the trunk on my family tree--my brother is. Im just another leaf that floats to the ground in the fall, gets trampled, and cut up by my older brothers stupid lawnmowers. I get the best grades in my family--but my brothers call me stupid, fat, and ugly--even though I starve myself to die. Im too thin, Im smart, but I am ugly to them. I feel like crap when Im around them. I cry everyday too. Your not alone. Im kind-hearted too. I hate my family, and I yearn to get away from them.

I hope someone has reached out to you since this post. I would not pretend to know you or fully comprehend your situation, but what I can tell you from experience is that this time will pass. You will become master of your own destiny. You can get away from the negativity and create a beautiful life for yourself. I just hope you are ok and somehow managed to rise above your situation. You are so young and you have everything in front of you. Don't waste any more time worrying about your family. Start planning for your fabulous future. Good luck!